Why Refuelling Should Stay in F1


For my first post on this blog, I thought I would question to move to ban refuelling in formula one. The ban of refuelling has been one of few changes to appear for the 2010 regulations after much bickering over the last two months. The idea is that all drivers would start the race with the fuel required to drive the whole race, and pitstops would only be required for tyre changes.

It has been mooted on various other websites that banning refuelling should place no emphasis on strategy and as such see the return of days where the drivers have to pass on the track. The fact is this, however: in the current state of formula one, overtaking is nigh on impossible. If refuelling is banned, the source of 99% of current overtaking would be prevented and the races would be one big procession – especially at the start of the race where the cars are all running heavy.

Secondly, we all can acknowledge that formula one is the pinnacle of motorsport. It seems to be a huge step backward then, that instead of starting a race with only 50 kg of fuel and running light, the cars will be starting with over 200 kg of fuel and running extremely heavy and cumbersome. Refuelling is absolutely not F1.

Plus, crashing a car at the start – very probable – is so much more dangerous in a car weighing 800 kg than a car weighing 650 kg.

Finally, in addition to removing a bit of unpredictability into a race, the fans we will be reintroduced to the mockery of cars running out of fuel on the last couple of laps.

A flawed move, with not much reasoning behind it.

Singapore 2008

We will now be denied decisive moments like these


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