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The Best Looking F1 Cars


With the multitude of cars, past and present, on display at the weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, I thought I would rattle off, to my eye, the most aestetically pleasing F1 cars.

Lotus 78

Not only was this car a groundbreaking innovation, with its ground effect, the black livery lent the car visual appeal.

Williams FW14B

This was the car, with its active suspension, that powered Nigel Mansell to nine victories, and the championship, in 1992.

McLaren MP4-14

Ferrari F2002

With that scarlet red and white livery and clean design (before winglets adorned the cars), this was a spectacularly-looking Ferrari.

McLaren MP4-21

2006 saw the introduction of a brand new livery mated to the MP4-21

Brawn BGP001

I think the BGP001 is a serious contender for the prettiest car of the current field, made pretty by the new rules banning aero add-ons.